Prenatal Support

Whether you are trying to conceive, recently pregnant or 8 months along we would be honored to be able to support you along your motherhood journey. If you have any questions regarding the services we currently offer below please do not hesitate to reach out!


BIRTHFIT Basics Consultation

1HOUR • $60

One hour devoted to learning about your desires for pregnancy, labor and birth and how to incorporate the four pillars into YOUR motherhood transition.



ONgoing (monthly membership or drop ins) • $129/$25

Strength and conditioning sessions twice a week for those trying to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum. Each session will include guided breath work, movement prep, strength training, conditioning and stability/mobility work. Programming will be adapted to match where you are at in your journey and will address multiple planes of movement, skills, and metabolic pathways. Participants must complete a BIRTHFIT Basics Consultation before beginning BIRTHFIT Fitness.


BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series

4 Classes • $199

This class will prepare mother and support group for an experience they desire throughout the entire motherhood transition. Based on BIRTHFIT's four pillars, we will uncover the birth mission statement unique to each of you, prepare for birth, and establish a plan of support, love, and nourishment postpartum.


Individual Coaching


One-one-one coaching for women journeying through the motherhood transition. Whether you recently found out you are pregnant or 6 months along, individualized coaching provides programming and supportive coaching specific to your needs.



Starting at $59 (5 PERSON MINIMUM)

With time devoted to each pillar, you will leave with practical information and the ability to implement the BIRTHFIT pillars into day to day life right away. This is a terrific class for women at any point in the motherhood transition. From those trying to conceive to those postpartum as well as birth professionals and those working closely with women in this transition. Not only can you attend a workshop you can host one! Workshops can be hosted at a chiropractic office, massage studio, gym, workplace, coffee shop or anywhere you desire.