Women’s Health

Whether you are considering motherhood or simply looking to optimize your health as a woman, we have several ways in which we can support you on your journey.


Birthfit Power Hour


The Power Hour is an informative dive into each of BIRTHFIT's four pillars: fitness, nutrition, mindset and connection. If you experience core or pelvic floor dysfunction you will NOT want to miss this community class!  You will learn how to begin connecting with your core and learning how to nourish your lifestyle to support your womanhood.


BIRTHFIT Basics Consultation

1HOUR • $79

One hour devoted to learning about your desires for living in sync with your cycle how to incorporate the four pillars into YOUR daily life.

Trust. Treasure. Transform..png

Trust. Treasure. Transform.

4 week series • $129

4 week series devoted to supporting your navigation through the transformations of womanhood. Learn how to follow your feminine rhythm and sync your life to your cycle!


Individual Coaching


One-one-one coaching for women journeying through the motherhood transition or simply looking to train in a way that supports their feminine rhythm. Individualized coaching provides programming and supportive coaching specific to your needs.