BIRTHFIT Red Wing Regional Director and BIRTHFIT Coach, Nikki Letsinger holding baby Vivian.

BIRTHFIT Red Wing Regional Director and BIRTHFIT Coach, Nikki Letsinger holding baby Vivian.


BIRTHFIT Red Wing regional Director & BIRTHFIT Coach

Nicole Letsinger, B.S., CSCS, USAW, cF-L1, BIRTHFIT Coach

Nicole grew up in Goodhue, MN and then moved on to La Crosse, WI where she received her B.S. in Exercise Sport Science. She lived in the La Crosse Area for the last five years working as a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer. She began her career doing personal training but then transitioned into coaching CrossFit at CrossFit UDX.

Nicole has since found her passion for working with youth but especially women going through the motherhood transition after her experience shadowing Dr. Erica Boland’s BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series in 2016. After this experience with the BiRTHFIT Postpartum Series, Nicole jumped at the chance to participate in the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar. This seminar pulled on some heart strings and lit the path for Nicole as she realized the motherhood transition is something she holds very close to her heart and felt these women deserve to be supported. BIRTHFIT opened her eyes to the realities of the motherhood transition and how much more could be done to support these women and their families.

She believes that the quality and balance of one's training, nutrition, relationships, and daily living is crucial to one’s overall health and the health of her family. She is truly excited and grateful for each opportunity to help individuals work toward this balance for themselves. While people often have goals they want to accomplish, her favorite part is the growth and connection along the journey!

Nicole and her husband welcomed the arrival of their first child in June 2019 and they will continue to lead by example living the four BIRTHFIT Pillars of fitness, nutrition, mindset, and connection. In her role as BIRTHFIT Red Wing Regional Director, it is her intention to bring support, education, empowerment, and love to the families of the community that raised her.